Clients & Growth 

"We are going to be expanding to multiple new cities across the US in the next few years. It's incredible having our clients appreciate the growth that we've provided for them and that really just translates for more growth for our team." 

-Garrett White

Campaign Director 

Our clients look for the growth of their customer base in the business & commercial sector; which is where our team comes in! They outsource the acquisition & retention process to Riverfront Marketing, because of our ability to not only procure new customers, but to maintain their current customer base. 

Riverfront marketing works with a number of multimillion dollar clients that range from office supplies, telecommunications, and renewable energy industries. The clients that we represent require a force of professional people to help build a profitable customer base; which is why they seek out our services. 

We specialize in acquiring and retaining customers for our clients in an effective and efficient way. We are currently focusing on growing the customer base of our clients in the office supply and energy industry; particularly focusing on the business sector. Our team is currently working to grow our client's brand awareness across the business division in Cincinnati.  This multimillion dollar company has requested that we increase our efforts on a national level, based on the results we've provided thus far. 

RFM is expected to grow into three new US markets by the end of 2016, in order to keep up with current demands from clients. By 2020, we are expected to grow internationally to continuously acquire new clients and customers. Our goal is to create positive relationships with customers on behalf of our clients. We emphasize relationship building and sales with integrity. If we continue to acquire profitable customers for our clients, Riverfront Marketing will also grow; which  means more opportunities for our team.