Our Team

Riverfront Marketing is a premier outsourced sales and consulting firm that has worked with many high profile clients. As a leader in the sales and marketing field, RFM works to provide their clients with the growth that they require in the most efficient manner. Our associates make up a professional force that helps our clients attract, acquire, and retain new customers. Every associate goes through extensive training in order to gain comprehensive knowledge about the client, product, and the industry as a whole, in order to provide the best service to everyone involved.

Our organization is highly effective in new acquisitions; which is why demand has increased to expand into several new markets. At this moment, RFM is expected to have 3 new locations across the US. Our team of individuals has delivered strong results to the clients we work with and this has been instrumental to our success as a company. Through the leadership of our management team as well as the partnership with our clients, we look forward to continue growing nationally. 


Giving Back

Getting competitive on the sand at our Operation Smile Beach Volleyball Tournament! It was a huge success and we were able to raise money for 8 surgeries!

Office Outings

Enjoying a night out at the Great American Ball Park, watching the Cincinnati Reds play a great game!

01. Results & Growth

Customer Acquisition and retention: Our clients are Fortune 500 businesses and hire us to consistently gain profitable customers in order to help them grow and expand. RFM focuses on achieving those results and surpassing expectations. 

02. Networking 

Leadership and strategic consulting on a national level with our network of offices. RFM always looks to network with other professionals in order to build strong relationships that help our team take their skills to the next level.

03. People

Coaching and developing our team of individuals to grow professionally as well as personally. By focusing on our people and increasing their skill sets, we are not only building stronger professionals, but essentially providing them with the opportunities to grow in their careers with RFM.

About Us

Fundamental Core


Every year our office is invited to quarterly conferences that facilitate for networking with other industry professionals.